Lip Balm

Are you a lip balm addict? Sure, you've got a tube in your purse, one at your desk, and one in your car, but do your lips ever actually feel moisturized? Those drugstore balms use petroleum to trap in moisture, but if your lips are already dry, they aren't getting to the root of the problem - they aren't actually moisturizing your lips.

I make my lip balms with coconut oil, apricot oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil, which all work together to nourish your dry lips. I also add natural beeswax to protect your lips while the cocoa butter and oils sink in and get to work. The result is a perfect moisturizing balm that is not too sticky, waxy, or shiny.  

It's time to ditch the petrochemicals and give your lips the good stuff. I've got a variety of yummy flavors so you can feed your lip balm addiction and feel good about it.

Kiss your dry lips good-bye!